Saturday, 28 April 2012

Contemplating a choice...

A new blog page. With a new muse. The idea is to create someone who can be me. Someone to represent me in the cyber world.

My concern should be - who's coming to seek out this blog and discover me anyway, right?
But then, that's an existential concern.

Everyone hopes to be found out some day. Or don't they? I guess a little of both.

Everyone wakes up to days they want to be "found out" - My holiday shall be, that they remember me. My paradise, the fame, that they pronounce my name... 

But doesn't everyone also have days when they just want to be this one ordinary face that can mingle and be lost in a crowd? Like a candle lit at noon. Or a snowflake in a sea? Days when we don't want to be found out? Days when "anonymity" feels like the safety of a cocoon. When cognizance of being an entity in infinity is oddly comforting? Where the subjectively applicable life changing instances become inconsequential to the objective big picture...

Moments, when you truly don't want to matter. Because the strings attached bear too much onus? Because you're starting to understand how the trade off works - you're important if you matter; but you're free if you don't.

And somehow, there are days, when I find that choice very unfair... 

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  1. Choices in life are never fair, if it was fair then we wouldn't even have to choose one of them.
    "fame" sets perfectly on the saying " Kuch paane ke kiye kuch khona padta hain" this is not only applicable to the big celebrities in the world but also matters on small discussion forums. Once you are famous you have this pressure of peoples expectations who are ready to judge you even on your smallest moves.

    Even though everyone knows or may be understands the cost of "fame" still everyone has this urge to be famous, to be known, to be recognized... Why , does it raise their confidence or does it satisfy their ego?

    One who goes through the being famous phase may truly understand the word "solitude" After being among others and living p to their expectations, even a regular person like girl in her family, tired of being her dad's angel,trying to be an example to her siblings and trying to be the perfect daughter to her mom ... solitude brings peace where she can be herself , just lie down, stare at the sky, feel the wind and then later take a deep breath and go back to her family again trying to play the roles of her life perfectly.