Monday, 25 June 2012

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  1. Perhaps, creativity came into being not out of nothingness. She was all the world ever NEEDED; before he knew it, before she knew it. Perhaps the glorious moment of conception was not an instant, perhaps it was her metamorphosis out of need. Perhaps it was not a big bang, perhaps it took six days.

    Perhaps creativity did not defy the law. Perhaps she has not been destroyed afterall!

    Looking forward to how the teller of this tale imagines part two.

    P.S. I'll take my cookies now =)
    P.P.S The new banner is beyond CUTE! On second thoughts, I'll take Michael and you can keep the cookies! :)

  2. Since Creativity created itself - it didn't come out of nothingness at all! You know how they say - "writing begets writing" -? I think it applies as a principle to Creativity. And you can't really find an inception point I think. In an atypical manner, it's like an Infinite Regress, won't you say? Except it goes in a more loop like manner...!

    Thank you for not just dropping by but actually thinking this out with me Bela *hugs* The reason I "requested" audience on this post (a change from usual) is cause "wondering" is just not fun done alone, is it?! =)) Over your speculation of Creativity not being a big bang perhaps, but a longer thing - an interesting thought which can actually (again) be explained both ways, right? Creativity could be conceived from a fleeting moment's muse. And creativity could be the making of a long thinking process...!

    ps: Oh yes - I saved you the extra double chocolate chunk lot, and you can have them all since it's just you and me here :D
    pps: So second part tomorrow. I'm doing the 500 words a day Nanowrimo thing and seeing how it goes for me, so yeh! I do think it's nothing that you're thinking it might be but I just hope it won't be anti-climatic for you, lol!

    Did I say? Glad you came by *more hugs*


    1. Creativity creates itself (I like!) so its the ultimate cause and not an effect. Its destruction then is too apocalyptic... "for me" :)

      500 words a day sounds fantastically disciplined for a person with no hours... :) Bucking you up and looking forward to the daily treats... anti-climatic? My problem not yours... Its your tale to tell!

      More than glad to be here... a treasure trove for an inspiration scavenger me!

      Your warmth is infectious! *hugs right back*


    2. So the 500 words are clearly "not" happening on the blog itself. But I'm posting up part 2 before I go to Thurs morning class!

      In the meanwhile - because all your "unicorn" love just rubbed off, here's something?

      ps: You disappeared just before the curtains dropped without waiting to hi five for Spain winning?!! :(( I genuinely thought I would shed a sentimental tear for Cesc in that final moment... he's such a wonderful, wonderful guy! In my "pro-sibling's words" - he plays the game like he's still back in school, where you will still amicably go and shake hands with the one who fouled you, because that's how you're taught the game spirit.. And then when he scored the winning penalty my brother goes, - and I bet he can still feel the maiden joy of his first school time penalty shot in getting this one through with stakes pitched so much higher!!! He got me even more sentimental about it, if anything, my brother is such a devotee to the sport, LOL!!!

      pps: *more hugs back at ya too B.*

  3. OOh this is an interesting read JZ! me being a science Curious to know what else this tale holds.
    I like your new page look..very cute :D


  4. Ooh, so you're a Science major. I'm not sure the next part is anything you're anticipating - but I would love to know what's you take on the matter Maz! I regularly run into very interesting people outside of my discipline - particularly basic sciences and law - and it's always an insight to hear opinions that I can't predict so much! =)

  5. Another "wow" just would not be justice to this post, J. The soul of Creativity does linger in you. And the title of the post...genius?

    I would love to read the adventures of Creativity.