Friday, 29 June 2012

A line will take us hours maybe...

Like a tune - from the cafe - now stuck,
Early that morning she'd heard
Only in hindsight she discovered,
How the passing encounter had lingered...

His face as ephemeral a memory - 
As the eternity of an instant
Before rising from a dream
- all day long, had been her waking constant...! 

The luxury of finding a ride to-and-fro long distance drives can occasionally result in a fancy. Like this one. Since the drive was approximately 2 hours, one side, I'd say I must have taken at least about 3 (hours, yes) coming up with 8 very amateur lines... erm. In my defense, the drive was pretty and very distracting. In all honesty, poetry is obviously not my thing, lol! 

Anyway. I thought this would... could... make up for an intermittent something before I did up the proper blogpost that's been pending 2 days now with unexpected work, and stuff... 

Also. To indulge the fancy of a fancy, I put together this: 

Sadly, isn't everyday anymore that I put this "muse-notebook" to any good avail, although I still faithfully carry its weight in my bag. Since there is no saying when I shall next orchestrate a tryst between paper and pencil - I figured this deserved a spot in the archives.  

ps: Open image in a new tab maybe?
pps: Title credit of William Butler Yeats



  1. Wow! Did I just get to see your mind at work? Beautiful lines, if I may say. And I love your's like getting to know a side of you.


    1. Mini *many hugs*

      Your words always make me feel so great about myself - even though I know you're making more of it than there is. No I'm not being modest, and no I'm not saying you just compliment for the heck. But well - what you credit me for IS more than I am, and trust me, I would know =) But that doesn't mean I don't love hearing from you - always! - and even if I know I'm hearing more that I earned, it makes me want to go the extra mile to be deserving in the entirety! *more hugs*

      ps: Really?! The writing I mean, lol!!! You HAVE to be the first and only person who thinks that! Most people I grew up with didn't write running hand and couldn't read mine right. And my mum just spent WAY too much time trying to get ME to do the running hand! So what I have now is a mix of school induced broken and mum induced running, plus, the fact that "writing" itself is something I'm entirely out of touch with... sigh. But I still thought a capture of "written pages" was something for keeps. Now that I don't actually write and think anymore - I feel nostalgic about the time it used to be that way! And somehow, I think I lost so many of those sheets I should have kept - the drafts - if only I'd known back then how it won't be such a habit to scribble ideas in the future... I'd have kept them... just, as souvenirs of times when scribbles were routine!

      Anyway, as always, I digress! Shall post sooner than you'd think - given my usual delays - cause I think I'm going to have plenty of time this week!


  2. hey jazz! The poem ws awsme! Read it thrice to undrstand it :) u r such a creative writter cum poet.. Cnt believe u wrote it on d way n widin 3 hours... Trust me u should write more poems.. (p.s. Opened that image in a new tab n got to see ur beautiful handwritting.. It is just so amazing.. Luv ur handwritting! N yeah also saw d hard work it takes to write such beautiful lines!!) --ur fan since 13th~~~Manpreet

    1. Oh thank you so much - you really made me smile so wide!!! Poetry is not my thing, I still insist though! I think it was the beautiful drive. And some stray lines in my head. I just got them down on different ends of the paper and miraculously they decided to be agreeable with each other... to whatever extent!

      And nooo! Don't say that about the writing, lol! My mum would have much to contradict there, given how hard she labored for me to "master" cursive... In time she got realistic and set the goal for me to make it to "borderline" qualifying! :P My drafts have looked worse though - much worse - with physical tears and rips and creases in the page - so I guess... besides, I have to confess I felt fond about this because I'd "written" after ages. The blog hence!

      Drifted into my usual rambling, but thank you so much again! If (the operative prefix) another moment ever takes control to yield anything akin to "poetry" I shall blog it here for sure - and remember you by!