Sunday, 10 June 2012

La Furia Roja!!!

This is a quick one. But Euro's been on for 2 days now, and technically speaking so, this blogpost comes belatedly.

But I'll just 'fess up my sworn loyalty to The Red Fury - till Spaniards hit the fields, the tournament doesn't really begin for me! Can't wait to cook Italians for an early dinner today!

That aside, Group B is obviously the most eventful group at this stage - not so much to say for Group C, which would bore me but for Spain. B is a tad tamer version of 2010 FIFA's group (N.Korea, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Portugal). Makes me wonder about Portugal's perpetual luck getting themselves into the thick-net groups! Which further takes me to Germany, and their first round win yesterday. Since they're next only to Spain on my rooting list, and since Portugal doesn't even feature on it - woot to that!

And while I'm at it what was with Denmark pulling that out-of-no-where upset on The Netherlands? Not complaining though, I love the underdogs - chance, or otherwise. As long as Spain keep their spot... 

So anyway - Euro's happening. Synopsis work has finally kicked in full gear. Draft 1 for the manuscript has acquired formal defines too. Catching up on second season of Game of Thrones this weekend. NBT's Friday episode put it on my slow-burner but Monday might just bounce right back! Intrigue for Vikram Thakur grows fast meanwhile...

I broke my favorite coffee mug earlier this week - and rued over it plenty. Memory of good old times, won over a routine Scrabble wager with my brother. So he was the first one I called to whine about the loss. Yesterday afternoon a parcel arrives. He placed an online order for a custom mug and got one delivered. Somedays, you just gotta swell up with fond love for pesky younger brothers and their unfathomable affections, haha!

Overall - a well paced week. Hoping it ends on the note of Spain grabbing a grand spoil to kickstart their stint! La Furia Roja!!! 

So long, ye'fellas...

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