Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Of Passing Presentiments...

Words more ominous could be not
Than those which unassumingly thought
In any synonym, brief or long
'What could possibly here go wrong...'

I imagine the writing of these lines could have been in reaction to the events of the last couple weeks. Some of which have been really now! unexpected - only to have gone on and happened anyway.

But it was only today. The trigger to the muse.
A harmless discussion session with a bunch of volunteers about Shakespearean literature.
What common they thought, underlay all his works.
And someone, among many juxtaposing opinions, said the words.
What could possibly go wrong? 

A presentiment to every climax.
The comic. The tragic. The dramatic. The morbid.
Because there is an ironic antithesis to the very element of this instinct.
A niggling doubt that raises its head in rhetoric.
Reason that asserts itself against intuition, in vain.
What could possibly go wrong...

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