Monday, 28 May 2012

Many moods of a Monday!

So this post is a compilation of random thoughts/events from the day. Nothing so happening. But well. Just for kicks.

- The one good thing about Mondays? There are enough left overs from extensive Sunday cooking to pack lunch for school (home made, wheee!) and look forward to an evening after getting back to no kitchen chores. Yes, small grace, but saving no less for back to work day of the week! Yay to fruit custard and grilled veggie pasta salad! 

- Twitter resurrection! In hindsight of over half a day gone, might be a very distracting idea... I'm calling this test week. 

- Issued The Art of War. After many years of pretending I didn't know of its existence, superior reviews and recommends, and well - just ignoring it. Still don't care so much for it, but it literally fell at my feet begging. I say literally, because it did - was going for another book on the shelf, one too beyond my humble height, and somehow this one came tumbling along... I was always a sucker for "signs" - so this is it. 

- Vending machine in my office space threw a tantrum. Not that I blame the poor thing. Everyone seems to vent their Monday blues unto it. So just when it was finally my turn to go grab a vitamin water, it decided to be stuck up. Yes of course, literally

- So this undergrad has been spamming me for ever. Okay, for weeks. Like 2 maybe. To read some chapter drafts she wants to send in for some publication. I finally get done and send her back quick lines of first impression/critique Sunday evening, only to come back Monday morning to more spam. She's "explaining" character action/reactions to me, the ones I subtly hinted at. *bites back swear words because Blogger is not exactly PG restrained* But seriously?! She can freaking well find herself another mentor! The rule is simple girl - it is the writing's obligation to defend its characters; and not the writer's prerogative to do so in person! [And that goes in red because that is literally how the unspoken rule stands!]

- It's a pleasant day outside. The sun and clouds have been at play. I can finally spot some colors in the compound overlooking my cubicle window. In petty flowers. In clothes - because the uniformly black and grey coats have been cast off. And flyers. Like all over now that summer break is almost here. This prelude in spirit at the threshold of summer is what I like the most around this time of the year. Its just gay. Literally speaking, without pun. 

- Finally, I can't wait for the clock to finally strike hour. Really, there shouldn't be an entire weekend between episodes of your favorite daily! The wall clock in my office feels suffocated by my exclusive and constant attention towards it, because for some minutes at a-periodic intervals, I've literally been stalking the seconds' hand!

I guess that's it? I didn't think this one would get so long - but I should know better! Just for the record, I still have to do that blogpost I promised for the weekend. I still intend to anyway. It's supposed to be a follow up on the last one. Maybe later today. Or tomorrow. 

I hope some of you are having more eventful Mondays than mine (refer to notes above). Until the next one... 

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