Saturday, 26 May 2012

Let no man take away your dreams...!

Like a flower poking through a sidewalk crack... 
and just like that -
You steal away the rain... and just like that! 

You make me smile =) 

Just one of those mornings. With almost not a wink of sleep to the credit of last night. Because some nights just pass by in a crazy blur like that! So much to blog about piled up from this week. Started off a couple posts, but never got around to completing, so they're still drafts.

But over the weekend - for sure - which is the idea of stating it formally here!

I want to quick mention. This song is special for arbit reasons. Like that it makes me smile. Just listening to it.

And like that line - about the flower in the sidewalk - served my muse to write one of my favorite chapters in a long story which is a work in progress. Everytime I fail to connect with that work, I have to but come back and listen to the song. This line serves my eternal inspiration =)

And before I finally crash - food for thought. Because my next post will be about this. Think of those trivial things which filled you with an innocent sort of delight as a child? Cue - a rainbow...?! 

So yeh. If you're here, and reading - think back. To a time when life was simpler... and dreams much fancier...! 


  1. Hey Jazz,

    Long time since u wrote again...

    Life in simpler times? The nostalgia sometimes overpowers and enchants me like the Mirror of Erised (only it shows me my past.. that's saying something depressing about me, ain't it?).

    I grew up a tomboy and used to play football and cricket with the boys. Scoring a goal or a breaking a neighbor's window pane with the cricket ball (and the subsequent chiding) used to be the high point of my evenings.

    So was getting wet in the monsoons, catching crabs and making paper boats, all ensuring you caught a cold.

    So was playing Holi with careless abandon.

    So was looking forward to Chitrahaar on Wednesday evenings and Spiderman on Saturdays.

    And just the anticipation of two months of summer vacation was pure heaven.

    Truly simpler times...


    1. Hello hello Mini *and a big wali hug to you*

      Thank you, always, for the nudge that is needed to not conveniently put aside something like blogging as lesser among other routine! I started typing out the post that was to follow this one several days ago, but one thing and another and another came up - and then I just got a bunch of other random posts in between - and almost let it slip by forgotten. But I will get back to it now. Because I owe this one a completion, and I owe your nudge its due =)

      @tomboy and sports *hi-five* oh aren't we on exactly the same page! Yes, however twisted this statement sounds, I was always one of the boys, than one of the girls, I suppose! And games just make my life go in odd odd ways - because technically I'm not 1% a player of any kind on field - but there's wayyy too much involvement I show and put into such a range of sports :D I'm inclined to think I react in less volatile manners to written releases, than a day's play! :D
      Holi - is something out of movies for me. And monsoons just translate to snow - with its respective specifics altered that way - but I do think I know what you mean. Not sure what "chitrahaar" means? Some program for kids? Indian comic series? I only ever heard of Shaktiman...

      @Mirror of erised parallel - ooh, a Potter fan too, I see! And well... not depressing really. I would imagine more real even, than the visions of the characters of HP - how can a part of us not look into a mirror that shows our deepest wishes and never hint at the past? There's always something about the past we want to go back to, I believe.

      So anyway - will make that blog post happen soon - truly! Thanks again for just being around - its just good to know you are! =)


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  2. J, *warm hug with a big grin*

    Thanks to you, I relived some memories of my childhood.
    True, there's something about being a tomboy that gives you an excuse to express your emotions and just be yourself. Over the years, I have kinda conformed to 'lady-like' behavior but at heart, always a tomboy.

    Regarding Chitrahaar.. before cable TV in India, there used to be only one channel, Doordarshan. And Chitrahaar was a 30 min video medley of Hindi songs... some old, some new, some recently released songs. It was my only window into Hindi films, actors and actresses. Back then, you weren't spoilt for choice. So, unlike today, you would lap up what you were shown on TV. And in some ways, I think I miss that simplicity of those times.

    Thanks J, for this space.

  3. " Let no man take away ur dreams"
    Wad if its too late and someone or rather a bunch of people have already taken them away !!!
    Its easy to preach things but noone tells wad to do after the damage is done. I bet lot of people wud love to see the answer for that ....