Friday, 18 May 2012

World's Greatest Epic...

The Mahabharta, hands down.

It never fails me.

And if I ever make a list of people I want to thank for a significant way(s) they changed my life, Chitra Lekha Banerjee Devakaruni will be in it, quite high up too. She presents a tale that shall remain my unchallenged favorite ever, in more perspectives than I'd imagined. Through the eyes of a character I'd dismissed with no opinions too high too early on and for far too long.

But this is not a long blogpost about my musings on the book. I think that might make for a very tedious accounting, if I can ever manage to do complete justice unto to it at all.

Just wanted to put this down somewhere, for the record, this whim I'm starting to nurture. To buy for myself a certain list of books from the first salary that will come to mean something to me, something more than just money from the odd jobs to pay the bills. The Palace of Illusions just made that list in my head.

And dear, dear, Ms. Chitra - when (and if) I meet you, the copy shall need an autograph =))

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